6477220017 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-722-0017, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-15 03:49:14
  • Happy

I signed up for the secret shopper survey only because I had logged online. I thought that feel that my Bank cashed the check must be good. I also thought that I was really well paid. I called the number have shopped and went to Money Gram and the american dollars 900.00 sent off a woman in Canada. Think nothing of it. Two days later not untill after my daughter thought I hit I decided to explore this transaction a little. And rate what I found? There was a good chance the I so taken I Promply called the money gram shop found that the money gram I not sent nor been picked had and had it back again free Withoput to me for the transaction. My Bank it took about three weeks before the test came back. And luckly I only US american dollars 35.00 for the returned check fee owed. Now you have my number. I have just another fraud check in the mail today for robe secrets personal service. Perhaps can someone at the money grams store be if they are going to pick it up and are arrested. Or the writers have a flag or to delay the cops check? Seems to be quite simple other then the fact that Canada can not want cooperation with the States for some reason legality. So get in the States the letters and in Canada the money pick. Hmmmmm


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